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Body Composition



This is Pratyush. I have been working in the IT industry for close to a decade and have been impacted by all major side effects of a desk job. Managing weight wasn't my concern as I was into sports since my school days but the lack of knowledge on nutrition and supplementation didn't help me live a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition to me meant you can eat anything which looked healthy and burn calories through activity to stay healthy. Well, this approach started taking a toll on my health due to stressful work hours, job shifts, and eating out. Thankfully, I came across the WMR team and was inspired by how they were educating and empowering people to transform themselves. This aroused the passion in me to understand the real meaning of optimal health and wellness. My own transformation inspired me to choose WMR's wellness entrepreneurship program as a side-hustle to help others live happy and healthy lives. Since then, I feel each day is a blessing where I can impact someone's life to guide them to take better control of their health and at the same time create an additional source of income part-time. I have been able to convert my passion for health to diversify my income and find an outlet for my creative energy outside of my IT profession. Health is a journey, not a destination, and a platform like WMR gives you the right foundation and a community to discover your inner healthy self and your true potential. "Body Weight: 75.6 kgs to 66.6 kgs. Body Fat: 21.21% to 16.81%"

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Before & After

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