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Energy Level


Last couple of years I was facing  a lot of issue with my hemoglobins & it convert to lot of stress & weight gain. Finally I start consuming iron supplement with other medicine. Unfortunately the market supplement make the problem further difficult.

Finally one of my relatives led me to WMR who recommended a few supplements which helped me to start feeling better. My energy level was restored & most importantly food craving reduced and my weight is under control. Thanks to WMR.

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I was facing some challenges conceiving. When I did my bloodwork, my iron was low. Then my sister who is a wellness coach at WMR helped me to choose right supplements. After taking multivitamins & iron folic vitamins for a month, the blood tests showed significant increase in my iron levels. I had more energy and I could conceive my baby. Today I have 2 boys, 5 year old & a 2 year old. I believe supplementing with right guidance helped me to improve my optimal health & have good health during both my pregnancies.

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Before & After

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