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Optimal Health


I am Madhusudan Patekar. My son is associated with WMR. I was consistent in talking supplements.  Unfortunately I fell down & break my leg. Many of my relatives & doctors scared me for treatment. Even during the treatment doctors advised me to take rest for six month for complete recovery.

Once I comeback from hospital ,I started consuming supplements as recommended by WMR. I got good results and restored my daily routine less than 60 days. The doctor was surprised by my speedy recovery due to supplementation.


Last couple of years I was facing  a lot of issue with my hemoglobins & it convert to lot of stress & weight gain. Finally I start consuming iron supplement with other medicine. Unfortunately the market supplement make the problem further difficult.

Finally one of my relatives led me to WMR who recommended a few supplements which helped me to start feeling better. My energy level was restored & most importantly food craving reduced and my weight is under control. Thanks to WMR.


My Haemoglobin level was never above 8.5 but after taking necessary supplements I could see could results in 2 months. It is at 12.5. Thank you WMR.

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