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Optimal Health

Is not merely the absence of disease. It is being in a state of complete well-being!

Wellness Moonshot Revolution is a global movement to educate & empower people to achieve Optimal Health and lead a Vibrant life.


Wellness Moonshot Revolution is a Community of a ‘New Brand’ of Wellness Enthusiasts and Entrepreneurs who are  Mission-driven and Passionate about "Wellness for Everyone". Deeply rooted in our Core Values along with an Evidence-based approach to Wellness, we are Educating and Empowering people to Live Happy, Healthy, and Vibrant lives. Our collective vision is to realize the dream of a World Free of Preventable Diseases such as Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer, Alzheimer’s, and many others.

What triggered the birth of WMR?  
The Covid-19 Pandemic has disrupted people's lives in many ways - financial, mental, and physical. Those with poor health were affected more severely than healthy ones - and that glaring fact has served as a wake-up call to everyone to re-evaluate their health and see it through the lens of Wellness (Prevention) rather than just Sickness (Curative).  After painfully watching close friends and family helplessly getting impacted and being at the mercy of the health/sick industry and broken down medical infrastructure, developed a missionary zeal in us to launch a global wellness movement to educate, inspire, empower and guide people to take care of their biggest asset - their own health. 

The pandemic was a rude awakening to a world that had gone astray from living a healthy lifestyle and a reminder of the high price we have to pay for not taking care of our health. Unlike the headline-grabbing Covid-19 pandemic, under the radar, there is a steady rise in chronic diseases like Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, Spondylitis, Arthritis, Alzheimer's, PCOS, Cancer, Infertility, and Heart Attacks. Today more than 70% of deaths are caused by preventable chronic diseases which should be more shocking than the damage caused by the pandemic. A wellness lifestyle is an effective antidote to this problem. 

At Wellness Moonshot Revolution we are on a mission to democratize wellness by putting people in charge of their own well-being, bring about a significant shift in their mindset, focus on prevention rather than treatment, and empower them in their wellness journey. We are busy creating common-sense solutions to help people to achieve Optimal Health. They are empowering people with evidence-based information to prevent chronic diseases and providing them an environment that fosters healthy living and that promotes paying forward.

We are busy selecting, coaching, and developing a new brand of entrepreneurs to impact the world. To grow the movement, we are looking to connect and partner with like-minded people who are passionate about health and those who want to influence others to live a happy, healthy and vibrant life.

We want wellness driven less by celebrity influencers and more by those who transform  themselves through self-examination, self-improvement, and discipline.

Nanda & Sangeetha Sringari

Nanda &  Sangeetha Sringari

Nanda & Sangeetha are engineers turned entrepreneurs. Although they had successful IT careers, their deep desire to make an impact and grow beyond just making a paycheck influenced them to become entrepreneurs. They view success differently. For them, the true measure of 


Rajeev and Mini are both computer engineers who became entrepreneurs determined to make an impact with the wellness industry. They saw many people deal with preventable chronic illnesses at a very young age, which inspired them to


Rajeev & Mini

Vinay has an engineering background & Shalini has a research background. For them ‘Wellness Lifestyle’ is much more than being drug-free or disease-free. They follow their quest for optimal health by adding a level of intention to every area

Vinay Shalini Casual HQ.jpg

Vinay & Shalini 


Satish & Shamali Amritkar

Satish comes from an engineering background and Shamali has a Science background. They are not just Covid survivors but thrivers. They are health enthusiasts turned entrepreneurs who believe in optimal health and are passionate ambassadors.


Ramky & Prachi Puvvadi

Ramky & Prachi are seasoned IT professionals turned Wellness Ambassadors. Ramky is a Management Consultant & Prachi is a Certified Nutrition and Fitness Expert. Their Mantra is "My Health is My Gift to myself, my family and my country”.  Their deep 



OPTIMAL HEALTH is not merely the absence of disease but the presence of active defense mechanisms; It is being in a state of complete well-being - having good physical and mental health, happy relationships, meaningful work and purpose in life.

We want to herald a new era in wellness. While helping people achieve optimal health is our goal, achieving Optimal Wellness is a dynamic process of living a healthy and fulfilling life. We believe that there are 9 elements to achieve optimal wellness. We are expanding people's mindset of “wellness” to include mental health, high life satisfaction, a sense of meaning or purpose, and the ability to manage stress. We believe wellness is beyond striving for health; It is a lifestyle and a personalized approach to living a life in a way that allows you to become the best you can be and maximize your potential. It is a holistic integration of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, fueling the body, engaging the mind, and nurturing the spirit. It includes modified behaviors related to sustainability and the responsibility to our environment as well.

8 Elements of Optimal Health and Optimal Body


We want the most ambitious and passionate people at WMR to develop them into a new class of social entrepreneurs with a focus on wellness to help us achieve our mission of creating a world free of preventable diseases. Our global team members are focused on educating, empowering, and inspiring people to transform themselves to live healthy, happy, vibrant, and fulfilling lives. Our shared values of integrity, putting people first, partnership, long-term relationships, commitment to excellence, and changing the world one person at a time are guiding our team to deliver upon our vision of providing a healing touch to 1 million people in the next 5 years across the globe.

To support our global team, we offer wellness programs and services that are designed to encourage team member wellness, provide an environment that fosters healthy living, encourages paying forward, and making a social impact.

Our Mission

Create a World Free of Preventable Diseases

Our Mission

Create a World Free of Preventable Diseases

Our Vision

Help a Million People Live Happy, Healthy, Vibrant and Fulfilling Lives in the Next 5 Years.

Our Vision

Help a Million People Live Happy, Healthy, Vibrant and Fulfilling Lives in the Next 5 Years.

Our Values


Putting People First,


Long-term relationships, Commitment to Excellence,

Changing the World One Person at a Time.

Our Values


Putting People First,


Long-term relationships, Commitment to Excellence,

Changing the World One Person at a Time.

Body Soul 2.jpg

What does Health mean to you? A person’s well-being is often governed by the balance of physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and mental health. OPTIMAL HEALTH is not 


Are you sick often, feel fatigued, or have other nagging symptoms you can't figure out? It may mean your immune system is weakened. Immunity has become a buzzword 


Losing weight should not be a lost+found game! We know how to help you lose weight and keep it off. We believe in fat loss and not just weight loss. We also believe that you 


How do see yourself in your 90s? Playing tennis, enjoying life, or bound to a wheelchair in a nursing home? 

Healthy aging is a balance of good physical, social and 


Not one person’s DNA is similar – everyone is different. Use our comprehensive genetic test discover your DNA make-up to build customized solutions. 


Whether we realize it or not, all of us are responsible for creating the body we live in. Imagine if you were gifted a health and wellness blueprint that was designed specifically